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Gang Defense Lawyer

imageAt the Linda Louder Law Office, located in Sacramento, California, we have successfully represented individuals and gang members charged with criminal misdemeanor and felony gang-related offenses, such as gang violence.

When a criminal charge is brought against someone alleged to be a gang member, the penalties for the particular crime are increased because of the “gang-affiliation”. In many instances, clients are charged as being a member of a gang when they are not. In California, a person affiliated or friends with someone in a gang may unfairly be charged with a gang related crime by association.

When a client is charged with a gang related offense, the State is only interested in what is written the police report.Our criminal defense attorneys work diligently to bring to light the true character of the individual charged. When necessary, we gather a team of experts to provide the very best defense. Our team consists of gang experts,investigators, and other legal professionals who have successfully assisted us in defending our clients.

If you have been charged with a gang related offense, contact the Linda Louder Law Office for experienced and diligent representation.