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Sacramento DUI Defense Lawyers and Attorneys

DUI (1)Defended over thousands of DUI cases; aggressive and successful.

Drinking and driving is a major cause of arrests in California. A DUI arrest involves both a criminal and a civil component. The civil side involves an administrative hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to dispute suspension of your driver’s license. You have 10 days to contact the California DMV for an administrative hearing. If you fail to do so, your license will be suspended and you will not be allowed to appeal the hearing. When you hire the Linda Louder Law Office, we will schedule the administration hearing, request a stay on the suspension of your California driver’s license and request discovery (including police report and toxicology reports).

Hiring an experienced DUI attorney is a smart decision. The DMV is aggressive in pursuit of driver’s license suspension or revocation. Our lawyers work to preserve your driving privileges, by arguing for the fewest restrictions possible under the circumstances.

The criminal courts are also aggressive in pursuing convictions for DUI charges. The laws regarding drunk driving are strict and our lawyers know them thoroughly. We have been to court often enough to know what to argue and how to argue on behalf of clients. We make sure our clients are treated fairly and their rights are protected.

Seeking the assistance of a seasoned  DUI lawyer to represent you at the administrative hearing, and in court, is the best way to protect your rights and freedom. If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, please contact the Linda Louder Law office.

The Costs of a Drunk Driving Conviction

Our DUI lawyers have represented clients involved in many different DUI violations, including: reckless endangerment, breathalyzer or blood test refusal, and DUI accidents. Even a first time offender may lose their license for up to a year, be imprisoned, serve jail time, forfeit their vehicle, or be sentenced to probation for up to five years. A person may incur increased insurance rates, court fees, and license reinstatement fees. If you have been arrested for a DUI accident or a first offense of drunk driving, our experienced lawyers can assist you. Contact the Linda Louder Law Office. The initial consultation is free.

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