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Will a DUI effect my work license?

Criminal convictions can cost you your professional licenses

Unfortunately, with a world that is more wired in than ever, what you do in what part of your life easily bleeds into many other parts of your life as well.

If you’re popped for a DUI, or nabbed on a shoplifting charge, you stand to lose more than money out of your wallet and perhaps a little time behind bars.

Authorities from many professional organizations routinely scan public records, conduct background checks and investigate complaints against people with a variety of professional affiliations. Those without a clean record may face losing a professional license or having it suspended for a period of time.

If you’ve done something that the regulatory board you are affiliated with considers to be substantially related to the fitness of your ability to do your job, then you may see your license revoked.

For example, a realtor convicted of accepting a bribe may face the loss of their real estate license. A physician who is convicted of over prescribing pills may lose their medical license. A physical therapist may have committed an act of domestic violence in an argument with their spouse and runs the risk of losing their license. The list goes on and on.

Fortunately, revocation of licenses generally follows a process that involves an administrative hearing. This give you time to mount a defense and with the help of a good attorney you may minimize the amount of discipline and work to obtain a favorable settlement. A good lawyer will also help you determine was strategies are available to you and which one will produce the best outcome for your particular situation. They will also guide you through the actual hearing which will have the look and feel of a real court trial, including opening statements, evidence and witnesses.

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