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California Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

drug-crimesAt the Linda Louder Law office, our drug defense attorneys provide clients with respectful and dedicated representation. We have handled thousands of drug cases, successfully challenging the charges and penalties. We have had charges dismissed and reduced. The benefit of hiring our experienced criminal defense lawyersis that we defended thousands of clients against criminal defense charges, and have been doing so for many years. If you need a California drug defense attorney, contact our law office today for a free consultation.

We handle every type of drug arrest case, including:

  • Drug trafficking, distribution
  • Drug possession
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Transportation, smuggling
  • Cultivation or Manufacture
  • Sale of drugs
  • Intent to sell, to transport, or to traffic

Experienced and Intelligent Drug Defense Lawyers

Whether you have been arrested for possession of a date rape drug or trafficking 100 kilos of methamphetamine, our California criminal defense lawyers can assist with your defense. We understand enhanced charges and enhanced penalties due to predetermined legal limits. We investigate every legal option available for your defense.

Our founding attorney, Linda Louder, has experience in public defense, as well as a state prosecution. She brings inside knowledge of the tactics used by the prosecution what they seek and the strategies they use to prosecute their cases.

Her experience as a state public defender also introduced her to the glaring deficiencies in the public defender system. Overworked public defenders encounter an enormous caseload and lack the time necessary for building a strong and solid defense. Unfortunately, the courts view individuals represented by the public defender differently and require the defendant’s presence at every court appearance, even if charged with a misdemeanor. When represented by a private attorney in a misdemeanor offense, the courts will routinely not require a defendant’s appearance. When you retain my law firm, we have the resources necessary for defending every drug charge and drug allegation, in the cities surrounding Sacramento and on the university campuses.