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Sacramento Domestic Violence Attorney

scalesBeing arrested for domestic violence is an emotionally disturbing situation, not only for the accused but also for the partner/spouse. It may appear that an ordinary argument escalated and all of a sudden the police appear at your door and an arrest occurs. In most cases, neither party intended for outsiders to become involved, and you’re both asking yourselves “how did it come to this?”

Shortly after the arrest, the District Attorney’s office and victim advocates will be calling the victim wanting statements regarding past abuse. They work hand in hand to obtain a conviction of the accused.

Being in the courtroom daily, I am well aware of the over-zealous prosecutorial nature the district attorney’s office applies to these cases. It is widely known that the deputy district attorneys who prosecute these cases are paid through grants that require certain conviction rates. Please be advised that these cases are prosecuted to the extreme.

I have defended thousands of individuals in your situation and have found certain statistics show that 20% of all charged domestic violence cases involve actual domestic violence. In California, domestic violence allegations come about easily. A neighbor may call the police because of a loud and angry screaming fight next door. If the police show up at the residence, an arrest must be made under current domestic violence laws, even if the two involved in the fight never intended for anyone to call the police.

At the Linda Louder Law Office we take seriously the consequences that can arise due to a domestic assault conviction. If convicted, the individual must pay a fine, restitution and court fees. Additionally, they may spend time in jail, acquiesce to drug or alcohol counseling, or be required to attend a 52-week domestic violence program.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, please do not hesitate to contact our law office, to speak with a domestic violence defense lawyer  with extensive experience. We provide a free consultation.

Inequality in Domestic Violence Prosecution

The Sacramento County district attorney’s office is given a grant to prosecute domestic violence cases; however, they only receive funds based on the number of convictions. So, the prosecutors fight hard to win. Money is never equally given to public defenders. That is why it is important for us to aggressively represent our clients to the fullest extent of the law.

Child Endangerment and Child Neglect

When domestic assault and battery occurs among a family and children are in residence, child protective services gets involved. In many scenarios, the children are removed from the home and sent to foster care. The parent or parents then become involved in not only criminal proceedings, but in civil proceedings as well.

Often children are removed from their family when there are simply allegations of abuse, but no actual abuse. We fight to maintain normalcy in the home as much as possible.

Other Areas of Domestic Violence

  • Defense of Emergency Protective Orders (EPO)
  • Violations of a restraining order
  • Spousal rape