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Why Is Marijuana a Schedule I Drug?

When you hear the words “severe addiction” or “fatal overdose,” marijuana probably is not the first drug that comes to mind. According to TIME, researchers only recently identified the first recorded deaths that arose as a result of marijuana use, and there were just two of them. Heroin, on the other hand, caused more than 12,000 deaths in 2015 alone, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Initiative to Educate Teens Might Embarrass DUI Defendants

According to NewsReview.com, the California Office of Traffic Safety organized a DUI Court in Schools Program about six years ago, and the initiative is still going strong. The program hosts 12 to 14 events in the Sacramento region annually, and its ultimate goal is to educate teenagers about the legal consequences of drinking and driving.

How Do Police Enforce Restraining Orders?

A restraining order, or protection order, is an order that a judge issues to prevent allegedly abusive individuals from harming or even contacting their spouse or partner. In order to secure a temporary restraining order, the victim needs to provide a sworn statement that he or she is in imminent danger.

Can I Face Charges for a Crime I Committed Years Ago?

Statutes of limitations exist in both criminal law and civil litigation. When it comes to criminal law, that means the courts only have so much time to prosecute an individual for committing a crime.

What Happens after Police Arrest a Suspect for DUI?

Every DUI case is unique, but there are several general phases that you can expect your case to pass through after police arrest you for driving under the influence. For example, police will usually take you to a police station, hospital, or jail to test your BAC immediately following the arrest.

Can I Drive for Uber If I Was Convicted of DUI?

Uber is the world’s most popular rideshare app. The company’s rapid growth can be attributed to its lower cost and superior convenience compared to traditional taxis. Also, Uber offers a lucrative, part-time income to qualified drivers.

Will a Domestic Violence Conviction Cost Me My Medical License?

A domestic violence conviction can have serious repercussions on all aspects of your life. Even if the conviction does not result in jail time, it can remain on your record forever, and it will affect you and your family for years to come.

4 Tips to Help You Avoid a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day

Alcohol and St. Patrick’s Day might go hand-in-hand, but drinking and driving do not. If you wind up facing DUI charges on your way home from the pub, turn to the Linda Louder Law Office.

What Are the Penalties for Refusing a Breath Test in California?

According to a review originally published in the Journal of Safety Research, police officers began using breathalyzers to take a more objective approach to identifying impaired motorists at traffic stops. Driving while impaired has been illegal in this country for more than a century, but for the first 75 years, the laws were based solely on intangible evidence that the arresting officer provided.

Can I Still Join the Military If I Have a Domestic Violence Conviction?

The consequences of a criminal conviction often go beyond fines, jail time and license revocations. If you have a domestic violence conviction on your record, it can affect all aspects of your life.