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“When an individual is charged with a criminal offense, it is understandable that they are humiliated, frightened and embarrassed. During this difficult time, it is my personal goal to ensure my clients receive the utmost respect, sensitivity and protection from further personal discomfort.

Unlike other attorneys, I shield my clients as much as possible. In most cases, I do not require that clients accompany me to court appearances unless so ordered by the judge. My intent is to alleviate the personal discomfort of my client as much as possible.

I have been described by colleagues as possessing a “steel hand in a velvet glove”.  My success can be credited to my diplomatic nature, excellent negotiation skills, and an unwillingness to settle for an unjust resolution. My experience in the district attorney’s office enabled me to understand the other side and quickly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their case.”

Linda Louder
Attorney at Law

The Courtroom Is a Business:

Many people attempt to represent themselves in court, only to find out that the courtroom is a business. A business that may not be concerned about your side of the story. You, the “inexperienced defendant” will make mistakes in the courtroom that will not be forgiven by the judge, and you can end up paying the price.

What can I lose by defending myself?

  • Lost wages (your lawyer can appear for you in court so you may not miss a day
  • Compounded Fines
  • Lost Driving Privileges
  • Increased Jail Time
  • Confusion over the process

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Linda Louder is experienced defense attorney and will take the burden off your shoulders to guide you through the court process. Call (916) 500-1504 For Your Free Consultation

The Law Offices of Linda Louder provide aggressive and compassionate representation to individuals charged with criminal offenses. We defend clients arrested in Sacramento County, the Sierra Foothills, and the San Joaquin Valley. After years of experience as a state public defender and state prosecutor, Ms. Louder brings to your defense an insider’s knowledge of the system, giving you the best possible defense. By intent, the criminal justice system is harsh, dehumanizing and terrifying. Our goal as your attorneys is to 1) protect your constitutional rights, 2) shield you from abuse, and 3) help you retain dignity through what can be a hugely demoralizing process.

We defend clients charged with all types of crimes, including:

Bail Bond

Our clients receive 24 hour personalized care, 7 days a week. We will accept collect calls from the jail to provide a free telephone consultation concerning your arrest. If, for any unforeseen reason, one of our attorneys cannot be reached immediately, our answering service is instructed to connect you to our bail bondsmen of choice, Greg Padilla Bail Bonds. We have found that Greg’s office provides the exceptional service we expect in expediting our clients’ release.

I was in Sacramento on business and I was stopped for a DUI. As soon as I was released from jail I called Linda Louder. I was worried because I had to get back home so I could go to work, and I couldn’t make my court date. Linda told me not to worry, that she would take care of everything. I did not have to go to court. She appeared for me. She handled my DMV issues. She helped me get payments for my fines. She did a great job. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who gets into trouble.
Jevin E
Linda has helped me tremendously handling my criminal matter. Her firm is quite professional and courteous. Scheduling with Brooke was very easy. Linda made sure to make all the necessary steps in clearing up some confusion in my case.

Thanks Linda!

DUI & DWI client


As a law firm focusing on DUI and Criminal Law in Sacramento, our attorney provides DUI defense, Criminal Law defense, and will be delighted to explain your rights and how to proceed in this difficult situation. You will be very pleased with the quality of service provided by our expert criminal lawyer Sacramento.